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Your Superb Online Presence is the Success Mantra for your Business (Online).

It is very important for your business 2 have a stronger web presence. And when you have a website, it should look more professional to win the trust and confidence of your website's visitors.

Your website's visitors are your potential customer. They visit many websites regularly, or from time to time. So, they have a general idea and have built a subtle subconscious sense of a website from where they might be interested in buying products or services.

So, how would you determine whether your website generates that confidence in your website's visitors/potential customer?

Well, if you have competitors(You are gifted if you dont' have one) then visit your successful competitor's websites. Then visit your own site. When you are at your own site, think differently... think out of the box... and unbiasedly ask yourself - Does your website generate much interest/confidence in you( as a stranger visiting the website for the first time) to buy products or services from the website?

If your analysis is unbiased, you would be surprised to know that your answer is NO(Except for few - there are always exceptions - those who have really put an effort to make a dashing online presence and added another viewpoint to their brick and mortar shop).

Only having information, or some pictures wont make your website popular. You should analyse the psyche of your customers(ahem.... beg your pardon... it should be Online Customers) to win them over. In brick and mortar establishments, you are fortunate enough to see/meet your customers in person. Online.... you are in dark... you are blind... you cannot possibly know what your website's visitor looks like, what might be his/her preferences... what he or she might be thinking before leaving your website for surfing another website.

This mental exercise is going to win online customers. Fortunately there are various ways(Some work... some dont).

The secret is - Yes your online visitors are not robots... they are human. They are more like you and me. Though, their thinking, behaviour, choises, and culture might be a bit different, as your website(I mean your online business) have far and wide reach than your physical establishment. So, try to wear their shoes, and add more glamor, information, confidence and trust to your website to woo them and let your pockets jingle(Oh! I forgot now a days... plastic works... people dont keep change anymore.)

Let me know if you need more information. I hope, you know where to find me. Visit - Adore Foundation. Or shoot me a mail @

Pooja Kumari for Adore Foundation an IT Company.
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