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Custom breadcrumb list in wordpress

While developing a custom plugin for a website I needed to post a custom breadcrumb trail.

Articles on this website are based on a custom post type and some of them were very deep in hierarchical order.  (Example : Knowledgebase > Indian Mining Regulations > DGMS > Mining Legislation > Safety Conferences on Safety in Mines > X - Safety Conference)

I wanted to put a series of links for visitor to follow the progression of contents. So, I thought about giving them breadcrumb trails to follow it back to wherever they want to go in the series. After some google search and some modifications: here is what I created. Hope, it may help you. This is for a custom post type of hierarchical in nature, but it can also be used for pages or other post types having hierarchies.

function fn_nova_breadcrumb_trail($post)
$separator = '  > ';
$trail_posts = array($post);
$parent = $post;
$parent = get_post( $parent…