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Showing posts from January 30, 2014

Discovering Zen Coding and some peace of mind.

I am not a designer, just a newbie programmer. Though I have been wearing many hats to chug along the path of web-development. Coding, debugging, re factoring, integrating, testing is all fun, but when it comes down to designing UI, I've never liked it. I've rarely used Dreamweaver. I prefer to code HTML in bare-bone text-editors and it is laborious to code so much html to design a good-looking/functional UI.

I have been using Aptana for over three years now and it has saved me a lot of time over the year. Still, coding html was pain. And then I discovered Zen-coding. I saw it on a youtube video sometime ago and felt jealous of the coder having such a utility to quickly write so much with so little effort. With a little search I found that Aptana has a plugin for Zen Coding. I installed it and have been using since then. Now even html coding is fun. Didn't want to write about it, but it helped me save so much time that I couldn't help not writing about it.