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Why did I choose Wordpress?

Why did I choose Wordpress for developing a School Management System on Subscription based SaaS Model?

I have some experience in Wordpress Plugins Development, and have been developing quality applications using wordpress for quite some time now. I have even built a fully functional Accounting System on Wordpress. Checkout some screenshots of some of my wordpress based web-applications -
A little History When I had started my IT Consultancy Company (Adore I.T. Services Pvt. Ltd.), some of my clients were looking for cost-effective, quality web-applications with modern UI and UX. I had .Net(C#) Desktop Application Development experience and did not know web-development. I had bagged a project and had very little time to develop and deliver. I wanted an easy solution – a low barrier entry. After some initial research, I figured web-applications can quickly be built on top of Wordpress as a plugin. Wordpress is already providing a CMS, Users Registrati…