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the type initializer for threw an excpetion ...??? HRESULT:0x8004294F

Recently I faced this problem. It took me a while to understand where did I falter. 
One of my client was running a Membership Management/Subscription software developed by me. Data was saved in an Access File, as it was a standalone application. Soon, his requirement changed. He needed the data to be available globally. Time was scarce, so I decided against developing a web-application and just convert the Access database to MySql and host it on a server. I did all the modifications inside the code to suite my purpose. The goal was to let him have the rich client experience with the data available online. Application setup would also be available online for him to download, install and run it where-ever(windows machine) he would want to.

After completing the code transformation, I got stuck at this point. This error was staring at me blankly - the type initializer for <Module> threw an excpetion, with HRESULT:0x8004294F as a warning.

I tried searching for it online but couldn'…